Agricultural Studies

Agriculture is essential to all aspects of life. It provides the food to nourish populations, the feed needed for animals, the fiber for clothes, and the fuel to power industry. Agricultural products are the very basis for what builds your communities and grow your economies, but that’s not all, a strong agricultural sector contributes to increased political stability.

Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating soil, growing crops, raising livestock, processing products, and getting them to market. However, agriculture is much more than farming. It’s business. It’s science. It’s engineering. It’s energy. It’s entrepreneurship. It’s information. It’s technology.
Ummah Academy is dedicated to showcasing the many facets of agriculture: how technology and communications are transforming the agricultural sector, how to determine where you fit along the agricultural value chain, how you can help advance the agricultural economy, how to address the main challenges facing agripreneurs, and you can support agriculture locally.

This guide provides you with a plan for facilitating the Ummah Academy Online Course, “Agripreneurship – A Path to the Healthy and Sustainable Future.” Before you begin to work through this cours, follow instructions on how to plan and organize a facilitated course session.

Timeline: two-hour session plan with multiple activities Introduction (3 minutes)

Introduce yourself as an interested YALI Network member who wants to start an important conversation about agribusiness and food security in your community. You can explain why you are interested in this subject, what you hope to accomplish, or some background information about yourself.

Explanation about the Structure of the Session (2 minutes)

Icebreaker (10 minutes)
Icebreakers are short, group activities that help participants get to know each other and feel more comfortable having conversations.

Full Group Discussion (15 minutes) 
Before the first video lesson, join a full group discussion using the questions below. Please note that you may not have time to get through all three questions, don’t worry there is time for discussion after.
* What is the perception of youth and young professionals about careers in agriculture?
* Do youth and young professionals view agriculture work as viable careers? Why or why not?
* Do you know what types of agricultural jobs exist in your country or community? Can you give some examples?
* Watch Video (11 minutes)

Group Activity: Solution Planning (25 minutes)

Video (6-12 minutes)

Full Group Discussion (15 minutes)

Group Activity (20 minutes)

Session Wrap-up (5 minutes)

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