Creating Games in Multimedia Fusion 2: Beginner Course

Multimedia Fusion 2 is a very powerful authoring tool that enables you to create quick prototypes or full-blown game developments cutting down timescales massively and allowing you to export all your games across the above platforms with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Some products always like to claim ‘No Programming Required‘ then when you dig deeper you find there is a ‘scripting language’ you need to learn or some other syntax. With Multimedia Fusion 2 it is exactly that, No Programming or Scripting Required. Multimedia Fusion 2 caters for both beginners and already-established programmers alike. It contains every feature you could ask for when developing a computer game or application.

This course is made up of over 3.5 hours of Video Content, complete walk-through via video for each lecture complete with running commentary in English. The course will introduce you to MMF2, it’s interfaces, editing, the objects, the extensions and literally, everything you will need to know to get you on your way with the best start to create your own computer games and applications, cross-platform.

This Multimedia Fusion 2 course can be taken completely at your own pace. You will have access to the content around the clock and can access this course from any computer. You can follow along with the video lectures and you can download supplementary material that is provided. I will also be allocating a weekly time-slot exclusively for this course to answer any questions you may have and also provide some live-tutoring along the way.

This Multimedia Fusion 2 course is already packed with everything you need to get you going with the ultimate goal being to create your own computer games and be more knowledgeable in using MMF2 to do that. There are goals set along the route to ensure you’re keeping up with the courses pace. In addition to it already being packed out with exclusive to Udemy content, I will also be adding content on a weekly basis to ensure you’re always getting the best value that this course can offer you.

This course is ideally aimed towards beginners of MMF2 or maybe those that have used it before but cannot get to grips with some of the fundamentals. Do not worry, everybody has their own way of learning and I hope I can bring the best out in everyone who takes part in this course to get you on the right track to create your own computer games.

I would recommend this Multimedia Fusion 2 course for beginners as the structure is laid out in a fashion that covers each step, right from covering the entire user manual, every property and the basic functions right through to ultimately creating your first set of games including Platform Games, Pong-Like Games, Breakout Clones and much more.

Check out some of the free lectures today to see how this course can further your development with Multimedia Fusion 2.

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