Islamic Finance – A Brief Introduction

Globally, there is a demand for a fair and just banking system that the Islamic banking and finance industry provides. As this demand continues to rise, so does the awareness of the timeless principles and values of Islamic finance.

Built upon the foundation of Islamic law, which prohibits usurious and speculative activities, the Islamic finance industry prides itself on engaging in business and financial dealings in an ethical manner. The sentiment of this industry is not one of greed, but one of mutual cooperation and partnership through a fair and equitable financial system.

The Islamic finance industry has achieved such growth that it is now an astounding 2 trillion-dollar global industry. Not only is this the fastest growing segment of the financial industry, but it is also socially responsible and sustainable as well.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand Islamic finance in contemporary society.
  • To understand the benefits of Islamic finance and banking.
  • To understand the main principles of Islamic banking and finance.
  • To understand how different Islamic modes of financing work.
  • To understand the current market and future opportunities for the sector.

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