Physics- Class 8

This course is the basic physics designed for class 8, every topic in the school text book curriculm is covered. Students can understand this course very easily and can relate their daily life activity with physical phenomenons. Every lesson divided into sub topics so that students can have proper conceptual learing. The practical examples definitely will make the students more curious towards science. Lets have fun and learn.

Basics of School level Physics.

Force and Pressure(1.5 hours)
1.5 hour
This lesson is one of the lessons designed for class 8 physics. In this lesson we will cover the topics force and the relation between force and pressure.
Friction(1 hour)
1 hour
This lesson is one of the lessons designed for class 8 physics. It includes the basic knowledge of friction. We will learn about the factors which effecting friction,why friction is called a necessary evil?,increasing and reducing friction, kinds of friction, and friction of fluids.
Sound(1 hour)
1 hour
This a lesson designed for class 8 Physics. In this lesson we will learn about the basic knowledge of sound.
Chemical Effects of Electric Current(50 mins)
50 mins
Light(1 hour)
This is a lesson about light mainly designed for class 8. It includes laws of reflection, types of reflection, how multiple images form?,few topics related to visibilaty.
Astronomy(1 hour 10 mins)
1 hour 10 min
This is a lesson designed for class 8. In this lesson we will learn about different kinds of Celestial Objects Briefly. This lesson includes the very basic knowledge about astronomy.

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