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Science, technology, engineering, and math, also known as STEM fields, play a significant role in today’s highly competitive and globalised society. Without STEM, fewer discoveries and advancements would be made in terms of saving lives, improving the economy, and increasing productivity. As scientific and technological innovations take the centrepiece of knowledge-based economies, the demand for STEM-based education becomes more prominent. The rise of STEM majors signals how schools, colleges, parents, and students are responding to market needs. A series of courses designed to help students specialise your skills.

Ummah Academy welcome you to the STEM Community.  It’s a safe, professional space for you to collaborate with fellow professionals to find solutions which unlock your potential. As learner, you can explore ways to improve the level of your scientific temperament.  It’s your STEM Community, there’s so much that you and the pool of teachers – will learn from each other and we are here to teach and learn from you too!  We’ll encourage you, stimulate some discussion and, from time to time, signpost some useful things.

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